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Clean Water

Process instrumentation service plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency, safety, and compliance of water treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities. By providing accurate measurement and control of various parameters such as pH, chlorine, turbidity, flow, pressure, level, instrumentation services help in optimizing the overall operation of these plants. This is essential for achieving environmental sustainability, meeting regulatory standards, and ensuring the delivery of clean and safe water to the community and treated waste water back into our ecosystem.

Modern plants use sensors, analyzers, and controllers to facilitate real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance, essential for preventing equipment failures and minimizing downtime. It enables plant operators to detect potential issues promptly and make timely adjustments to ensure continuous and reliable operation. This proactive approach reduces the expenses and logistics associated with inaccurate chemical dosing, and it contributes to overall operational efficiency.


Long-term, the data collected through process instrumentation plays a vital role in process optimization and decision-making. By analyzing the data, plant management can identify trends, optimize processes, forecast resources, and make informed decisions to improve overall performance. This data-driven approach enhances the overall effectiveness of the treatment processes and supports the implementation of predictive maintenance strategies, thereby increasing the lifespan of critical equipment.


Overall, the value of process instrumentation services for water treatment plants and wastewater treatment is undeniable. From ensuring regulatory compliance to enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability, these services are indispensable for the reliable and effective management of water treatment processes.

IIS has over 40 years in the water technology industry, and we service and sell most major brands of water instrumentation.  If you are unsure if your plant instrumentation is working properly, if you are operating within regulatory requirements or if you are looking to upgrade your process instrumentation contact us for a complimentary plant walk through.

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